No, you don’t need to create account to purchase any product from ThemeVessel. After payment, you will get the download link in your email inbox and later with email you can request unlimited download link anytime.

Purchase flow is quite easy. Go to any specific template's details page. From the right side you will get the "Buy Now" button. We currently accept PayPal. Finish payment with PayPal and you will get the product download link in your email inbox.

Yes. After purchasing every item, you will get 6 month free support. You can always request for support by writing us at

You can request download link of your purchased item anytime.
Just go to that item details page that you purchased. Just below the payment button, you will see a text to request download link. Click on that text link and you will get an input field.
Provide your exact same email address you used to purchased the item. Click submit and you will get the item download link in your email.

Our licensing terms are pretty easy to understand. Every items has it's own licensing options. See licensing details on item page.

You can request refund for any item you purchased except any free items.
Refunds are only applicable, if -

  • You downloaded the items but it didn't provide the same features that was described in item details page.
  • There is any bug or defect in item
  • You contacted us an email with the issue in details but didn't get that issue resolved
*refund amount will be the total amount after deducting paypal's transaction fees